Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Kirschbaum

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Kirschbaum

Personal information

Kirschbaum, Clemens, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Faculty of Science, Department of Psychology
Institute of General Psychology, Biopsychology and Methods of Psychology
Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Current position

Professor of Biopsychology (since 2003)
Dean of the School of Science (since 2014)

Role within partner site

Research on psychoendocrinology, psychoimmunology and molecular genetics; the influence of acute stress on cognitive control processes;

Relevant work experience

Biopsychologist with focus on effects of stress on physiological and psychological functions;

2017– Past-President, International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology

2013– Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina

2010– Member of the Senate of the TUD

2008–2016 Member of the DFG Fachkollegium 110 „Psychology“

1999–2003 Professor of Psychophysiology, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Professional background

1996–1999 Research fellow (Heisenberg scholarship from the German Research Foundation, DFG) at the Center for Psychobiological and Psychosomatic Research, Trier University

1991–1996 Assistant professor, Trier University

1992–1993 Postdoc at the University of Rochester, Department of Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology, NY, USA

Main research focus

Stress and its effects on the physiological and psychological functions of the body; psychoendocrinology, psychoimmunology and molecular genetics; the influence of acute stress on cognitive control processes;


5 out of 397; SCOPUS h-index 101

Ilg L, Kirschbaum C et al (2019). Persistent effects of antenatal synthetic glucocorticoids on endocrine stress reactivity from childhood to adolescence. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 104:827–834.

Stalder T, …, Kirschbaum C (2012). Cortisol in hair, body mass index and stress-related measures. Biol Psychol 90:218–223.

Stalder T, Kirschbaum C (2012). Analysis of cortisol in hair – state of the art and future directions. Brain Behav Immun 26:1019–1029. (~350 citations)

Fries E, …, Kirschbaum C (2009). The cortisol awakening response (CAR): facts and future directions. Int J Psychophysiol 72:67–73.

Kirschbaum C, …, Hellhammer DH (1993). The ‚Trier Social Stress Test‘–a tool for investigating psychobiological stress responses in a laboratory setting. Neuropsychobiology 28:76–81.

Additional information

Awards: Elsevier Citation Award for the Top Cited Paper in 2006 and 2007 (2008); Innovation Award, Foundation for the Advancement of the Center for Psychobiology and Psychosomatic Research (1997); Neil Miller Award, Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research (1995); Young Investigator Award, Society for the Immunocompromised Host (1992);


One Team – One Vision

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